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My love of creating books began with a grade seven project. I wrote the story, illustrated it and then asked the librarian if she would add it to the library, card catalogue and all (she did). I've since created three books: Love Is Everywhere, my little book of hearts that I found on my travels, Finding Heart, the memoir of said travels (out of print), and Healthy ReMINDers, my mental health resource book. I've also formatted books for my husband Gomer Robinso. Here's a peak:

Spirit Dolls

A recent passion of mine has been creating Spirit Dolls. I guess you could say I transformed my childhood love of playing with Barbie into this new form of creativity. I combine my love of nature, found objects, crystals, spirituality, essential oils, words, solar dyeing and basically everything I'm interested in to create these one-of-a-kind dolls.

Each doll starts with a person or an idea in mind and then the magic begins. From the branches to the individually hand-sculpted faces, from the fabric to the embellishments, each doll is co-created with Spirit, intuition and intention. The fabrics are either thrifted or solar-dyed using foraged seasonal plants or plant extracts and the wool is sourced from my friend Robin's sheep and my own natural plant dyes. Each doll holds special, personal blessings for it's recipient. Here are some of the dolls that I've made so far.

See what's available for sale in my shop, contact me for custom requests or to learn how to make your own!


I was introduced to natural dyeing and textile printing from a friend and instantly became hooked. It's amazing how nature provides such amazing colours and I love how leafs and plant material can print on fabric. Here's a selection of some of my creations:

Graphic Design

Finding just the right typeface for just the right photo or image has been a passion of mine for years. And putting those elements into a design that conveys a message, speaks to the heart and radiates a special energy is where I specifically shine. For me, graphic design is an intuitive process. It's a beautiful puzzle that is so exciting and interesting to solve. Here's a sample of some of my designs:


My first love. My healing balm. The lens through which I process the world. In nature I slow down. I appreciate the little details.. I listen and am guided to the places that speak to my heart and my spirit and in doing so connect with the spirits of nature. Enjoy a glimpse of just some of my favourite shots.